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Maintenance page

The Mozilla Common Voice community playbook is coordinated by the community manager and maintained by Common Voice reps.

The playbook is a living document, we welcome suggestions that make this playbook relevant.

Submitting content for the playbook:

Please use the issue form called feature request, which could be valuable to all and other language communities on Common Voice. This could be a case study, change request for links, or a copy suggestion.

The feature request form was adapted from the Turing Way Community Playbook

Maintenance cycle [draft]

Content and Issue request:

Features such as format changes, new pages are reviewed in a 7-week cycle E.g. hosting the playbook on gitbooks, search button

Quick fixes:

Requests that take less than 30 mins to deliver and are urgent should be reviewed and deployed in a 2-week cycle E.g new case study, a new document

How to localize the playbook [TBD]

We would like to host the playbook on another platform that will enable us to easily localize the playbook.