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Common Voice has a variety of communities that support the project in different important areas, they are usually grouped by language.

Participation Guidelines

Common Voice communities are governed by Mozilla’s code of conduct and etiquette guidelines, we take this very seriously and no violations are tolerated.

We encourage you to please read Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines before contributing to this project. For more information on how to report violations of the Community Participation Guidelines, please read our ‘How to Report’ page.

Community Platforms

The main channels that connect all of the language communication are Discourse for topic discussions (e.g announcements, topical discussions) and matrix for community chats.

To request a new language category for Common Voice Discourse please message heyhillary on discourse.

For Common Voice site issues, please share these on out github. Some language communities have created their own channels. We maintain the list of languages community channels on the Common Voice Github

Language Communities of Common Voice

There are currently 140 languages contributing either text, voice clips and localizations on Common Voice.

View the full list on Common Voice Website

Starting a language Community

You might be interested in starting a language community supporting the goals of Common Voice.

We encourage you to check out the Open Leadership Training series, which includes how to build communities.

Using the Common Voice Trademark

“Mozilla” and “Common Voice” are trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation and are subject to Mozilla’s trademark policy. But you can of course use these terms to describe and refer to Common Voice when organizing community activities. The project needs community involvement to grow and succeed!

So you should feel free to spread the word about Common Voice. Just be careful not to use Mozilla trademarks in a way that would give the impression that Mozilla itself is organizing an independent community event or resource. For example, the name of your community website or event should prominently include your own group name. The Esperanto and Dhivehi community sites are great examples. They refer to Common Voice but have their own identity.

Mozilla is happy to answer any questions you have about using Mozilla trademarks, you can email the team at, and cc