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🌍 Localization

Why is Localisation Important?

Adapting and translating the project tools and materials helps people to understand and engage with the project. We use Pontoon to localise website strings

🎬 Watch our Pontoon Tutorial.

ℹ️ Please read how to use pontoon before starting to use the tool, you might need to ask the Mozilla localization team for permissions to validate suggestions.

What project tools and materials should we prioritise?

Common Voice Platform

Mobilisation Materials

It largerly depends on the area of focus for your current campaign.

What should I consider when localising for Common Voice?

Playbook Pages

Pages About
Localization Translating project tools and material to be understood by contributors in their language
Text Corpus Gathering, validating and processing public domain sentences
Voice Corpus Recording and validating voice clips to create a public domain dataset
Communities Connect with the variety of communities participating in Common Voice
Mobilization Resources and tips for mobilizing your community
CC0 Waiver Process How to secure a cc0 license for text corpus