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Localization Translating project tools and material to be understood by contributors in their language
Text Corpus Gathering, validating and processing public domain sentences
Voice Corpus Recording and validating voice clips to create a public domain dataset
Communities Connect with the variety of communities participating in Common Voice
Mobilization Resources and tips for mobilizing your community
CC0 Waiver Process How to secure a cc0 license for text corpus

🌍 Localization

Our purpose

Adapting the project tools and material to be understood by a specific audience. This includes translation of text for contributors in their spoken languages.

Who we are

We are a community of translators and linguists that localize the original English content into our languages.

🔨 English knowledge and deep understanding of our local language and culture are key for this work.

What’s success

Localize the project tools into our language, mainly the Common Voice site.

How to join

Anyone can join this community. Join our discourse forums or our matrix chat and introduce yourself, jump into our localization tool and check the status of your language.

What we do


We use Mozilla’s localization tool, Pontoon, to translate the Common Voice strings. Please create an account and check your language on Common Voice Pontoon section.

ℹ️ Please read how to use pontoon before starting to use the tool, you might need to ask the Mozilla localization team for permissions to validate suggestions.

🔨 Skills required to help: English knowledge, strong knowledge of your language.


These are some roles you can take as part of this community.


💬 If your language already exists on Common Voice, make sure you check and join the local discourse and matrix room. If that’s not the case, please create a new topic on discourse asking for one to be created.